Let’s become a nation of love and harmony and see everyone as equal : Chief Minister M.K.Stalin’s greetings in Malayalam

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin extended his congratulations for the Onam festival, expressing the vision to restore India with ideals of equality, development, and unity. He conveyed his wishes in Malayalam and shared a related video on his Twitter page. In his post, he greeted all the Dravidians as linguistic kin in the Dravidian language family. “The Chief Minister emphasized that attempts to overshadow Onam with Vamana Jayanti would not succeed, highlighting the festival’s significance to Dravidian culture. He expressed confidence that the people of Kerala would reject such endeavors and uphold the essence of Onam. And in the video released by him, we will become a nation of mutual love and harmony and treat everyone equally. Wishing you an Onam full of flowers, feast and joy. Let Onam Thirunal be a day when everyone will be determined to restore an India full of equality, development and unity,” he said.

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