Household Cooking Gas Price in Chennai Reduced by ₹200, Cylinder Now Available for ₹918.50

The domestic cooking gas cylinder price has been reduced by ₹200. Prices of petrol, diesel, and gas cylinders are determined by oil companies based on crude oil prices, import costs, and the rupee’s value against the US dollar. Petrol and diesel prices change daily, while gas cylinder prices change monthly. Since BJP took power in 2014, these prices have consistently risen. Under Congress in 2014, the cylinder was ₹414, but now it’s over ₹1100 – an increase of ₹700 or three times. In Chennai, it’s ₹1,118.50, marking an unprecedented price surge. Families pay between ₹1,150 to ₹1,200 including public booking and delivery charges. This hits the poor and middle class. A Union Cabinet meeting chaired by PM Modi decided to cut cooking gas cylinder price by ₹200. The reduction applies to Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana beneficiaries, starting today. In Chennai, the cylinder price drops by ₹200 to ₹918.50.

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