Illegal Sandalwood Smuggling Attempt Near Bengaluru Forest Area Leads to Shoot by Forest Department

In a tragic incident, the forest department opened fire on a gang allegedly engaged in the illegal felling of sandalwood trees within the Bannerghatta forest vicinity near Bengaluru. Regrettably, this action resulted in the loss of a person hailing from Kolar district. The forest department had received prior intelligence concerning an unlawful sandalwood smuggling endeavor transpiring early morning in the Bannerghatta forest area of Bengaluru, Karnataka. Swiftly responding, officials embarked on a patrol to the location, where the two individuals actively involved in cutting down sandalwood trees. Issuing warnings for surrender, the suspects managed to evade capture, escaping into nearby underbrush. Subsequently, forest department officers resorted to firing warning shots into the air, seeking to deter any potential threat. However, amidst the tense confrontation, a terrified individual wielding a tree-cutting knife attempted to assault the forest officials. An act of self-defense, the forest officers discharged their firearms. Witnessing this incident, another individual swiftly fled into the depths of the forest. Tragically, these events culminated in the reported demise of Thimmarayappa from Malur thaluk. In response to the situation, two dedicated special forces units have been established with the aim of apprehending an additional fugitive connected to the incident.

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