Maharashtra: 4 Dead, Including 2 Minors, in Fire Accident at Hardware Store

In the Purna Nagar area of Pune district, Maharashtra, a fire incident occurred in a residential building where an electrical hardware store operates on the ground floor. The fire ignited around 5 am today, initially burning slowly. Promptly informed, the fire department was quick to respond to the situation. Upon receiving notification, the fire department promptly arrived at the scene and initiated efforts to extinguish the flames. After a strenuous endeavor, they successfully quelled the fire and managed to rescue individuals who were trapped within. Unfortunately, amidst this fire incident, the fire department confirmed the tragic loss of four lives, including two minors. Regrettably, the conflagration resulted in the complete destruction of the shop. Presently, the origin of the fire remains unidentified, prompting officials to launch thorough investigation into the matter.

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