“Countdown to End of BJP Rule Has Begun” – Chief Minister M. K. Stalin

The 3rd meeting of the India Alliance is currently underway in Mumbai, now in its second day. The gathering has brought together leaders from a total of 28 political parties, making it a significant event on the political calendar. The primary focus of this meeting is to craft a pivotal strategy for the upcoming parliamentary elections, underscoring its importance as opposition parties come together to chart their course forward in the political landscape. DMK leader and Prime Minister M.K. Stalin, a member of the India Alliance, emphasized during a media address that the countdown for the conclusion of the BJP’s rule in India has been set in motion. He underscored the significance of the ongoing India Alliance meeting, clarifying that its purpose is to collectively work towards ending the BJP’s rule at the Center. Stalin also said that I.N.D.I.A Alliance group is very strong.

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