Electricity Prices Spark Protests in Pakistan: Women Take a Stand by Burning Bill Receipts

In Islamabad, a massive protest unfolded as thousands of women voiced their discontent against the surging electricity tariffs in Pakistan. With around 70% of the nation’s electricity relying on imported fuel, the frustration stems from a staggering increase in electricity bills, which have risen over fourfold within a mere 15-month span. Notably, the charges have surged from ₹16 per unit during Imran Khan’s leadership to a staggering ₹68 per unit following a change in regime. The uproar reached a crescendo in Karachi, where thousands of women joined forces amidst widespread public and trade union demonstrations across various cities, all in opposition to the steep power tariff escalation. Among the rallying women were those who raised banners and vocalized their demands for the government to rescind the electricity tariff hike. In an act of defiance, some protesters resorted to burning their electricity bill receipts. This surge in electricity costs compounds the ongoing economic crisis in Pakistan, exacerbated by rising fuel prices and further exacerbating the hardships faced by the populace.

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