Violence erupted again in Manipur; 6 people including a local song writer were killed in firing

Amidst a volatile backdrop, a deadly conflict has unfolded between the Kuki and Meitei communities in the region, specifically between Churachandpur district and Bishnupur district in Manipur. Over the past three days, relentless gunfire has resulted in a tragic toll, claiming the lives of six individuals. Among the victims was LS Mangboi, a local songwriter renowned for his socially conscious compositions, along with two individuals from the Kuki community who perished in the recent skirmish. This harrowing violence has led to the proclamation of an indefinite strike by tribal confederations, prompting a halt in essential services like water, electricity, and medical supplies in Churachandpur. The root cause of this unrest stems from a longstanding feud over tribal status, dating back to May 3rd. With over 160 casualties and more than 60,000 people forcibly displaced, the region remains entrenched in a tragic cycle of conflict and displacement.

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