Additional police security at Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin’s residence

Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin’s statement advocating for the abolition of Sanathana has ignited a nationwide debate, with various political parties expressing both support and opposition to his remarks. BJP leaders, members, and numerous individuals affiliated with the party have strongly criticized Udhayanidhi Stalin for his stance. The controversy has spilled onto social media platforms, where individuals have posted comments related to the issue, leading to the filing of complaints at police stations and calls for action against the Minister. This development has further intensified the ongoing discourse surrounding the topic. Amidst the nationwide discourse surrounding the Sanatana issue, Ayodhya-based preacher Paramahamsa Acharya has made a significant announcement, pledging to donate ₹10 crore rupees for the beheading of that leader. A video of Udhaya Nidhi’s stabbing photo is going viral on social media. Paramahamsa warned that anyone who tries to destroy Sanatana Dharma will be destroyed. This development has prompted heightened security measures at Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin’s residence in Chennai Green lane and Neelangarai. While previously, security rotation involved a single guard, the current situation has necessitated the deployment of more than 10 policemen to ensure the Minister’s safety. Concerns have arisen over potential protests by Hindu organizations, leading to the intensified security arrangements in anticipation of any attempts to besiege Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin’s residence.

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