₹14,000 crore to change India’s name to Bharat: S. Venkatesan MP Tweet

The proposal to change India’s name to Bharat has stirred significant debate, sparked by the President’s G20 meeting special dinner invitations bearing the name Bharat. Su Venkatesan MP has disclosed that the estimated cost of this name change would amount to Rs 14,000 crore. A bill advocating this renaming is expected to be presented during the upcoming special parliamentary session scheduled from September 18th to 22nd, generating widespread public discourse and strong opinions on the matter. In his Twitter post, he said that the cost of changing India’s name to Bharat is Rs 14,000 crore. This is equivalent to the cost of providing breakfast to 17 lakh students of classes 1 – 5 in Tamil Nadu for 30 years. He mentioned that the BJP is attacking the very first clause of the Constitution, “We the people of India”.

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