Misinformation Surfaces on Social Media Targeting Actress Divya Spandana

Kannada actress Ramya aka Divya Spandana made her Tamil debut with Kuthu directed by Venkatesh. She acted in films including Giri with Arjun. His performances in the films Polladhavan and Vaaranam Aayiram were greatly appreciated by the fans. Divya, affectionately known as the ‘Sandalwood Queen’ by her fans, decided to step away from the film industry. However, in 2013, she made a surprising move by contesting the Mandya constituency parliamentary by-election as a representative of the Congress party, ultimately winning the seat and becoming a Member of Parliament. Despite her political success, she eventually took a temporary hiatus from the political arena. Now 40-year-old actress Divya has suddenly passed away today due to a heart attack. This caused shock and confusion among the fans. Actress Divya Spandana recently clarified that she is in good health, dispelling unverified rumors circulating on the internet about her well-being. She stated that she is presently residing in Geneva and is doing well. Journalist Chitra Subramaniam corroborated this by confirming the falsehood of the death rumor, taking to Twitter to share, “Just spoke to Divya Spandana. She is fine. Meeting her in Geneva was wonderful. We talked about many things including love for Bangalore.” The reassuring news brought relief to her fans, who fervently requested others not to propagate baseless rumors.

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