Plan to implement light metro rail project at many places in Chennai

In Chennai, there are plans to implement a Light Metro Rail project in various areas, avoiding tunnels and elevated tracks. This Light Metro will travel at speeds of up to 30 km per hour, utilizing tracks along the road or in central areas. A study has been conducted for areas like Anna Nagar and T. Nagar, focusing on public transport usage and parking facilities. The Integrated Transport Group intends to gather input from 2.50 lakh individuals to shape the light metro project. The Government of Tamil Nadu is working on a transport plan for Chennai, led by the Chennai Integrated Transport Corporation. They’ve issued a tender to a private organization for project preparation. In recent review meetings, the Chennai Integrated Transport Group has tasked private consultants with studying potential Light Metro locations in densely populated areas, connecting major streets, with a focus on Anna Road in Chennai. This project utilizes electrified coaches positioned either in the middle or alongside the road, achieving a speed of 30 km per hour. More than 10 studies, including the Chennai Integrated Traffic Survey using cameras, are being conducted to gather data on public transport usage in Chennai, with plans for a forthcoming public survey.

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