Aditya L1 Spacecraft, on a Solar Mission, Captures Stunning Images of Earth from Space

The Aditya L1 spacecraft, initially launched to study the Sun, has captured a stunning image of Earth as it moves toward the L1 point between our planet and the Sun. ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organisation, has unveiled this picture taken by Aditya while in Earth’s orbit. This spacecraft, equipped with three instruments designed for Earth observation, has been steadily progressing in its journey towards the L1 point. During its orbital mission around Earth, Aditya L1 has documented a series of images featuring both our planet and the Moon. ISRO has officially shared this particular photograph, aptly named “ONLOOKER,” emphasizing its unique perspective as it continues its continuous trajectory towards the L1 point. Scientists are diligently monitoring the Aditya L1 spacecraft’s operations and following directives from ISRO headquarters in Bengaluru. The spacecraft has been reported to be in excellent working condition, ensuring a smooth mission. Its voyage towards the L1 point, a journey spanning 126 days, involves the continuous recording of critical data, including spacecraft trajectories and camera images. This data is subsequently subjected to rigorous analysis. Aditya L1 remains steadfast in its progression towards the L1 point, with ISRO consistently issuing the necessary directives to facilitate its mission.

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