Tragic Storm in Brazil Claims 31 Lives, Including 15 in a Single House

Last Monday night, Brazil was struck by a massive storm. The storm unleashed heavy rains, causing the rivers to swell dramatically, leading to widespread flooding across various parts of the city. Many flats in Mucum city, which were caught in heavy floods, collapsed and were leveled. Rescuers have recovered the bodies of 15 people in one house there. This has caused great shock in the area. In the wake of a devastating storm that battered Brazil, official reports have confirmed the tragic loss of 31 lives due to the resulting floods. Alongside this grim toll, numerous individuals have sustained severe injuries, compounding the disaster’s human toll. Adding to the crisis, the storm’s ferocity washed away countless homes, leaving the livelihoods of approximately 2,300 residents hanging in the balance. As an urgent response, rescue operations are underway in the city, where the water level in the river is surging at a relentless rate of 2 meters per hour, underscoring the critical need for swift and comprehensive assistance in the affected areas.

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