Transport Department Announced Deployment of 600 Special Buses for Upcoming Weekend from Tomorrow to 10th

In preparation for the weekend, Chennai is set to operate 600 special buses from tomorrow, 8th-10th. With increased passenger traffic expected from Chennai and other regions across Tamil Nadu, particularly on the 8th, which precedes a holiday on the 9th (2nd Saturday) and the 10th (Sunday), the Transport Department is taking proactive measures. Notably, 300 additional special buses will be in service daily, connecting Chennai to key destinations within Tamil Nadu, while other cities such as Coimbatore, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Trichy, Salem, and even Bangalore will also have special routes to ensure smooth and hassle-free travel for passengers. The combined effort will see a total fleet of 600 buses, including these 300 special ones, in operation during this period. Also, it is planned to run special buses from all places according to the needs of passengers to facilitate their return from their hometowns to Chennai and Bengaluru on Sunday. So far 9,299 passengers have booked to travel this weekend.

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