Adjournment of Kodanad case to October 13th

On April 24th, 2017, watchman Om bhahadur was murdered at Kodanad Estate near Kotagiri in Nilgiris district. Also the property in the estate bungalow was looted. Kothagiri police arrested 10 persons namely Sayan, Valayaru Manoj, Santhosh Sami, Deepu, Satheesan and others. The driver involved in the case Kanagaraj died in the road accident. The case is being tried in the Nilgiris District Court. In this regard, the police formed 5 special teams and conducted an investigation. At that time, Kanagaraj’s brother Dhanapal and his cousin Ramesh were arrested for destroying evidence in the Kodanad murder and robbery case. Both are currently on bail. Also, the special forces police re-interrogated 316 people. In this case, the hearing regarding the Kodanad case was held today in the Uthagai District Court. Walayar Manoj, Jithin Joy, Jamseer Ali and others were present for this investigation. Following this, the court adjourned the hearing of the case to October 13th.

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