Apple Prices Have Dropped Significantly ₹60 – ₹70 per kg

Traders said that 60 tons of apples are coming from Kashmir to Salem market every day. In India, Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir have the most apple trees. August, September, October and November are the best months of the year in these regions. Currently, the apple has given a bumper crop in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. Due to this, apples are sent from there for sale all over India. Thus, 50 to 60 tonnes of apples are sold in Salem market from Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir per day. Retailers in various areas, including Namakkal, Mettur, Attur, Rasipuram, and Tiruchengode, buy and sell these apples. However, with the season over, apple prices have dropped significantly. In July, apples were selling for ₹140 to ₹160 per kg, but now they are priced between ₹80 to ₹100 per kg, with smaller-sized apples going for ₹60 to ₹70.

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