Union Minister’s Son’s Gun License Cancelled Amidst Controversy

In Lucknow, the Lucknow Magistrate Court has taken the decision to cancel the gun license issued to Vikas Kishore, the son of Union Minister Kaushal Kishore, who serves as the Union Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs. This decision follows the tragic shooting of Vinay Srivatsav at Vikas Kishore’s residence in Lucknow on the 1st of the month. Notably, Vikas Kishore was not present at the scene, as he was in Delhi when the incident occurred. Subsequently, three individuals were apprehended in connection with the murder, and during their interrogation, it came to light that the firearm used in the crime was registered under Vikas Kishore’s name. As a result, a case has been filed against him. In response to this development, the Lucknow District Magistrate, presiding over the case, has revoked Vikas Kishore’s pistol license and directed him to surrender the weapon to the local authorities.

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