Yediyurappa Returns to Politics with Statewide Tour Across Karnataka

Senior Karnataka political leader and former Chief Minister, Yediyurappa, has announced his return to politics, sparking excitement among BJP workers. Yediyurappa expressed his goal to secure victory in 22 to 23 constituencies during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and emphasized his active campaign efforts. He highlighted pressing issues in the state, including drought, farmer distress, and persistent power cuts, attributing them to the indifferent approach of the Congress government. The Congress government, which should control all this, is acting indifferently. The travel plan will be ready in three days. Administrative failure of the state government. I will explain to the people the actions of the Congress leaders against the people, the inaction of the ministers. Also, a protest will be held on behalf of the BJP across the state. The State Leader of Opposition will be appointed soon. Thus he said.

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