A 4-year-old boy died of dengue fever in Chennai

Aiyanar from Pilliyar Kovil Street, Maduravayal, Chennai, took his son Rakshan, aged 4, to a nearby hospital due to fever. Tragically, a blood test confirmed that Rakshan was suffering from dengue fever. A 4-year-old boy named Rakshan was admitted to Children’s Hospital in Egmore on the 6th for dengue fever treatment but tragically passed away in the intensive care unit last night.The Maduravayal area is experiencing stagnated rainwater, which has led to health issues and concerns about the spread of dengue fever. Relatives of affected individuals have demanded that authorities take necessary action to address this problem. They have even gone to the extent of refusing to conduct funerals until steps are taken. Consequently, the police have been deployed in the area to manage the situation.

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