Change is needed in the UN, Modi’s demand

Prime Minister Modi has been calling for reforms in global organizations including the UN. Speaking at the closing ceremony of the G20 conference, he said, “To take the world towards a better future, it is necessary for the world organizations to adapt to the current realities. Today, the United Nations Security Council is an example of this. UN When founded, only 51 countries were members.Today, more than 200 countries are members. However, the number of permanent members of the UN Security Council remains unchanged. (US, China, UK, France and Russia are the only 5 permanent members with veto power). The world has changed a lot since then in every respect. From transport, communication, health and education, changes have come in every sector. These new realities must also be reflected in global systems. It is a law of nature that those who do not change with time will lose their relevance,” he said.

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