Tragic Lift Collapse Claims 7 Lives in 40-Storey Thane Building, Maharashtra

In Thane, Maharashtra, a tragic incident claimed the lives of seven workers as a lift collapsed while they were carrying out waterproofing work on the roofs of a completed 40-storey building. The horrifying incident occurred when the workers were descending in the lift after finishing their tasks, and it suddenly malfunctioned, resulting in five immediate fatalities. 2 people were hospitalized. But the 2 people died as the treatment did not work. The deceased persons have been identified as Mahendra Chaupal (32), Rupesh Kumar Das (21), Haroon Shaikh (47), Mithlesh (35), Karidas (38) and Sunil Kumar Das (21). The police rushed to the information and registered a case regarding the incident and are investigating the cause of the accident. About this accident, the former councilor of the area, Sanjay Bhoir said, “In the incident where the lift broke down in the building, no safety measures were taken for the workers. This is the cause of death. In this regard, action should be taken against the company providing the lift,” he said.

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