Death toll from earthquake in Morocco rises to 2,862 and 2,562 injured

Villagers in earthquake-affected areas of Morocco, experiencing the country’s most potent seismic event in over a century, endured a fourth night sleeping outdoors on September 11th. The death toll has tragically risen to over 2,800 people, according to Reuters. Search teams from multiple countries have joined Moroccan efforts to find survivors after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the High Atlas Mountains on September 8th, devastating traditional mud brick houses in the region. Morocco accepted assistance from Spain, Britain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Algeria, which allocated three planes for rescue personnel and supplies. As of September 11th, the death toll stands at 2,862, with 2,562 people injured, while the number of missing remains unknown, particularly in remote areas of the quake zone. In the village of Tinmel, nearly every house was flattened, leaving the entire community homeless. The military has deployed search-and-rescue teams, provided essentials like drinking water, food, tents, and blankets. Mouhamad Elhasan, 59, shared a heartbreaking story of his son’s death when their neighbor’s roof collapsed during the earthquake. In Tikekhte, where few buildings remain standing, residents like 66-year-old Mohamed Ouchen saved 25 people, including his sister, using their bare hands for rescue efforts. The earthquake’s epicenter was around 72 km (45 miles) southwest of Marrakech, impacting historic buildings in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the old city. The 12th-century Tinmel Mosque also suffered significant damage. Fortunately, modern areas of Marrakech, including the location near the airport designated for upcoming IMF and World Bank meetings, were largely unaffected. Despite the disaster, the Moroccan government plans to proceed with the meetings, which anticipate over 10,000 attendees.

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