Delhi Primary Schools to Remain Closed Until November 10th as Air Quality Worsens

As the air quality continues to deteriorate, primary schools in Delhi have been declared closed till the 10th. The Delhi government has announced that online classes can be conducted for students from class 6th to class 12th. Air quality has worsened unusually in the capital Delhi and its suburbs, with increased air pollution causing smog. Consequently, construction-related works have been banned, and strict restrictions have been imposed on the operation of BS-3 petrol and BS-4 diesel vehicles. The primary schools had previously been granted a holiday until November 6th, and this holiday has now been extended until November 10th. Additionally, the Delhi government has provided the option for students from class 6th to 12th to attend schools in person if they choose, or they can continue with online classes. Continuous monitoring of air quality is in place, and the state government is taking steps to mitigate the situation.

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