Farm Green Shops in Chennai Sell 1 kg Onions for ₹30 to Benefit Common People

In an effort to curb the escalating onion prices in the open market, the Tamil Nadu government has initiated measures to sell 1 kg of onions for ₹30 at farm green shops in Chennai. The bustling Koyambedu market, a major hub for vegetable distribution, typically receives a daily influx of 7,000 tonnes of vegetables from various regions in Tamil Nadu, as well as neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Maharashtra, all transported by 650 trucks. However, the supply of onions has been dwindling in recent days, with only 60 freight vehicles arriving daily. Consequently, this shortage has led to soaring onion prices, reaching as high as ₹100 per kg in some Chennai shops. In order to control this price rise, as per the instructions of the Chief Minister, onion is being sold at ₹30 per kg from today in 10 Farm Green Consumer Shops and 4 Mobile Farm Green Consumer Shops operating in Chennai through the Cooperative Department. Minister Periya Karuppan has said that this price increase is temporary and the onion price will be controlled soon and the sale of onion will be expanded to other parts of Tamil Nadu as per the demand. Minister Periyakaruppan has also mentioned that steps will be taken to bring onion prices under full control within a short period of time.

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