Heavy Rains in Delhi Result in Air Pollution Reduction, Eliciting Relief Among Residents

Due to the rain in the national capital, Delhi, air pollution has significantly reduced, bringing relief to residents. The city is actively combating the escalating pollution levels through measures such as sprinkling water on trees and roadside trucks using specialized vehicles. In a concerted effort, the Delhi government is intensifying its strategies, with plans to employ cloud seeding technology later this month in a bid to artificially induce rain. Minister Roy revealed that this approach would be implemented if there is a conducive atmospheric condition, anticipated around November 20th-21st. To facilitate this initiative, Minister Roy engaged in consultations with scientists from IIT Kanpur, directing them to prepare a comprehensive proposal for the proposed cloud seeding operation. In this situation, due to scattered rains in the capital Delhi last night, the smog has cleared and the air pollution level has decreased slightly. Due to this, at 7 am today, the air quality in Delhi was 408 degrees. Yesterday evening it was 437. Meteorological Department has predicted that the air quality index in Delhi will improve significantly before Diwali.

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