World population crosses 8 billion: Average age of people increases to 32

The latest data from the United States Census Bureau reveals that the global population has surpassed 8 billion, witnessing a notable increase of 200 crores since the year 2000. Over the past 23 years, the average age of the world’s inhabitants has risen to 32, with projections indicating a further climb to 39 by the year 2060. Despite a doubling of population growth rates from 1960 to 2000, the current trend suggests a slowdown, largely attributed to a continuous decline in the female fertility rate. Tokyo, Japan, claims the top spot as the most populous city globally, boasting a population of 3,71,94,105. Following closely, Delhi secures the second position with 3,29,41,309 residents, while Shanghai, China, takes the third spot with a population of 2,92,10,808. Notably, Mumbai ranks 9th with 2,12,96,517 inhabitants, Kolkata holds the 17th position with 1,53,32,793, Bengaluru stands at 23rd with 1,36,07,800, and Chennai secures the 26th position with a population of 1,17,76,147. This demographic panorama underscores the dynamic shifts in global population trends and urbanization patterns.

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