AIADMK Ex-Minister Vijayabaskar’s Asset Hoarding Case Adjourned

Former AIADMK Minister C. Vijayabaskar, a resident of Iluppur in Pudukottai District and the MLA of Viralimalai Constituency, faced allegations of amassing assets worth ₹35.79 crore beyond his reported income during his ministerial tenure. The Pudukottai Anti-Corruption Police initiated legal action against Vijayabaskar and his wife Ramya on October 17th, 2021. Subsequently, raids were conducted at Vijayabaskar’s residences in Pudukottai Iluppur and Chennai, along with 56 other related locations. The trial, unfolding at the Pudukottai District Principal Sessions Court, began after a 210-page charge sheet was filed in May. In today’s court session, which Vijayabaskar and his wife did not attend, Justice Poorna Jaya Anand adjourned the proceedings to December 2nd, 2023, as the case continues to unfold with meticulous legal scrutiny.

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