Shehbaz Sharif Set to Take Oath Today for Second Term as Pakistan’s Prime Minister

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is set to take oath today for a second term amidst a politically polarized and economically troubled nation of over 241 million. Sharif, elected by 201 votes in the National Assembly, forms a coalition with the Pakistan Peoples Party and other smaller groups to counter opposition led by jailed ex-PM Imran Khan. In his inaugural address, Sharif emphasized the need for economic reforms to tackle the $350 billion debt burden. Facing challenges from political, economic, and security fronts, Sharif’s government must negotiate a new IMF bailout as the current one expires in March, while grappling with a deteriorating security situation and opposition allegations of election manipulation. Analysts urge unity among parliamentary parties to address the nation’s crises effectively.

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