Jharkhand’s 14 Lok Sabha Seats to Witness Four-Phase Election, Voting from May 13th to June 1st

The Lok Sabha elections in Jharkhand for its 14 seats will span four phases on May 13th, May 20th, May 25th, and June 1st, as announced by the Election Commission. Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar revealed that the national elections will occur over seven phases from April 19th to June 1st, with vote counting scheduled for June 4th. Among the state’s 2.54 crore voters, including 22 lakh first-time voters, five seats are reserved for ST and one for SC. In the previous 2019 elections, BJP secured 11 seats, AJSU Party one, while Congress and JMM each won one seat, echoing the four-phase pattern observed then.

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