Karnataka Government Challenges Amit Shah Over Alleged Delay in Drought Aid Response

Union Minister for Home and Cooperation Amit Shah faced criticism from the ruling Congress government after stating that Karnataka’s memorandum seeking financial assistance for drought was submitted late. Minister for Revenue Krishna Byre Gowda refuted the allegation, citing that Karnataka declared drought on September 13th and submitted the memorandum on September 22nd. Additionally, a proposal for financial assistance sent to Shah’s office on November 20th has reportedly been ignored, and despite a drought mitigation plan submitted to the Central Government on January 16th, no meeting of the High Level Committee chaired by Shah has been convened. Krishna Byre Gowda criticized Union Minister Amit Shah, stating that Karnataka submitted its drought memorandum earlier than usual, but has seen no significant action. Despite multiple appeals, including letters to the Union Ministers for Agriculture and Finance, meetings with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shah, and reminders during Modi’s visit to Bengaluru, Karnataka’s efforts for financial aid have been fruitless. Gowda challenged Shah to swear before Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Vidhana Soudha, accusing him of lying about forming a High-Level Committee. He condemned the BJP-led Central Government’s attitude as akin to British rule, labeling their actions as insults to Karnataka.

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