Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Declares Assets Worth ₹20 Crore

Rahul Gandhi, vying for re-election from the Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency, disclosed assets exceeding ₹20 crore in his nomination papers filed on April 3rd. His declaration included movable assets valued at ₹9,24,59,264 and self-acquired immovable assets with a purchasing price of ₹7,93,03,977, with current market values at ₹9,04,89,000 for immovable assets and ₹2,10,13,598 for inherited ones. He acknowledged a liability of ₹49,79,184 and declared having ₹55,000 in cash. Compared to ₹15,88,77,083 in the last election, his assets were valued at ₹9.4 crore in 2014.

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