Fire Breaks Out at Miracle Drinks Office in Bengaluru’s RT Nagar; No Injuries Reported

A blaze erupted in a generator in Bengaluru’s RT Nagar area, quickly spreading to the ground floor of a nearby building, believed to be the Miracle Drinks Ayurvedic Office. Firefighters, deploying over five water tankers, successfully contained and extinguished the fire. Concerns arose about trapped individuals, prompting intensified rescue efforts by RT Nagar police, who safely extracted three people. Although caused by a short circuit around 12:45 pm, all eleven trapped individuals were evacuated unharmed. While no fatalities were reported, extensive damage, particularly to the basement where over 30 bikes were destroyed. Minister Byrathi Suresh has vowed measures to prevent future incidents and support those affected, including assistance with insurance claims and medical treatment for the eight hospitalized individuals, one of whom remains critical.

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