Cash seizure ahead of elections: ₹13 lakh found at AIADMK official’s home

In preparations for the parliamentary elections scheduled for the 19th, the Election Flying Squad seized ₹13 lakh from the residence of an AIADMK woman executive in the Kasimedu area. Across the state, similar raids are being conducted to curb the distribution of money. Additionally, Income Tax officials are targeting individuals holding over ₹10 lakh without proper documentation. The confiscated ₹13 lakh, purportedly intended for fishermen’s interest payments, lacked appropriate paperwork and was thus seized. Investigations are underway to determine if the funds were intended for voter distribution. The home of Thangam in Kasimedu Pudu Amaranjipuram was the site of the seizure. Thangam’s daughter is a lawyer in the Porkodi High Court.

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