Rahul Gandhi Highlights Surge in Corruption During Modi’s 5-Year Reign

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi intensified his criticism of the Narendra Modi government, alleging that the ruling BJP is orchestrating corruption through electoral bonds. Speaking at a rally in Phalodi, Rajasthan, Rahul accused the government of presiding over major scams including the electoral bond scheme, PM-Cares Fund, and the Adani mega scam. He claimed that corruption has surged under the Modi administration, citing a survey where 55% of respondents believed corruption had escalated in the last five years, with 25% blaming the Modi government. Rahul also outlined Congress’s manifesto promises, including plans to alleviate poverty by transferring ₹1 lakh annually to the account of one woman from each impoverished household. He further criticized the government’s handling of farmer protests, unemployment, and inflation at another rally in Bikaner.

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