Tamil Nadu Implements Ban on Liquid Nitrogen Mix in Food Items

In response to a recent incident in Karnataka where a boy fell ill after consuming Nitrogen-smoked biscuits, the state government issued guidelines restricting the use of liquid nitrogen to processing aids, not for direct consumption. The state health department emphasized that liquid nitrogen is suitable for processing dairy-based desserts and ice cream but not for items like biscuits. Enforcement actions under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, will target businesses using liquid nitrogen for direct consumption, stressing the importance of complete evaporation before serving. Despite regulations permitting nitrogen as a processing aid, a social media video depicted a boy experiencing severe pain after consuming smoked biscuits, leading to hospitalization. This incident, along with a previous one in Gurugram where a family fell ill after ingesting dry ice, highlights concerns about the prevalence of such products, like Smoke Pans, Smoked Waffles, and Biscuits, containing liquid nitrogen or dry ice, particularly at public events like carnivals and weddings.

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