Passengers Urge Resumption of Thoothukudi-Coimbatore Express Train Service

Passengers traveling from Thoothukudi to Coimbatore have called for the swift resumption of the Thoothukudi-Coimbatore link express train, emphasizing the commercial significance of both cities. Sankar, honorary secretary of Empower India, highlighted the demand from business stakeholders and common passengers for the reintroduction of this service, which ceased during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. Initially launched in 2011, the link express train facilitated travel between the two cities and was particularly beneficial for traders heading to Tirupur. M Piramanayagam, secretary of Tuticorin District Passengers Welfare Association, noted that the demand has been raised with railway authorities, including MP Kanimozhi, urging for its reinstatement.

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