Tamil Nadu Heat Analysis: Chennai Spared, West-Central Region Bears Brunt

Despite Chennai’s hot weather, it’s not the worst-hit area in Tamil Nadu. Expert Raj Bhagat Palanichamy says the west-central region faces the highest heat stress, followed by south Tamil Nadu. Heat stress, caused by high temperatures and humidity all day, leads to discomfort. Palanichamy found Erode, Salem, and Karur with high heat stress factors up to 50, while the Madurai to Tirunelveli belt and Vellore-Tiruttani region also face significant stress. Chennai has lower heat stress, while areas near the Western Ghats, like Ooty and Kodaikanal, are least affected. The Chennai Meteorological Centre warns of heatwaves in north interior Tamil Nadu. Palanichamy’s ‘Heat Mitigation Plan’ for Tamil Nadu, developed with the State Planning Commission, will be released after the Lok Sabha polls, with strategies to tackle heat issues.

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