PM Modi Accuses Opposition of Inciting Riots over CAA, Asserts Citizenship Grant Under Act

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted at a Lok Sabha election rally in Azamgarh (UP) on Thursday that the country has begun granting citizenship under the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), accusing the opposition Samajwadi Party and Congress of attempting to incite riots by spreading falsehoods about the law. He highlighted that refugees, who had been living in India for an extended period and were victims of religious partition during the country’s division, are receiving citizenship under the CAA. Modi accused the Congress of neglecting these refugees and alleged that the opposition attempted to instigate riots in Uttar Pradesh and nationwide. He dismissed claims by the “INDI alliance” of removing the CAA, asserting that no one could repeal it. Without naming anyone directly, he criticized the opposition for igniting communalism and declared that the CAA would remain unaffected regardless of their efforts.

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