TMC and BJP Clash Intensifies in West Bengal’s Tamluk Constituency

As the electoral battle intensifies in West Bengal’s Tamluk constituency, a fierce confrontation between the TMC and BJP looms, with TMC seeking retribution for Mamata Banerjee’s loss in Nandigram and BJP aiming to strengthen its stronghold. Former Calcutta High Court judge Abhijit Gangopadhyay, who joined BJP after resigning on March 5th, is running from the crucial seat, while TMC and CPI(M) have fielded young candidates Debangshu Bhattacharya and Sayan Banerjee, respectively, heightening the rivalry. Nandigram, pivotal in the 2007 anti-land acquisition movement leading to TMC’s 2011 rise to power, is part of the Tamluk constituency.

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