Week-Long Fire at Vellaikkal Garbage Dump Yard Near Avaniapuram Successfully Contained

Authorities successfully contained the week-long fire at the Vellaikkal garbage dump yard near Avaniapuram on the outskirts of Madurai on Thursday. The fire, ignited by flames from dry grass near the dump yard, spread to the accumulated garbage before firefighters from three different fire stations were deployed to extinguish the flames. It was reported that flames set on dry grass had spread to the dump yard, resulting in the fire at the garbage dump yard since May 7th. The massive fire, initially reported on May 7th, swiftly engulfed the area from dry grass, with teams from Tirupparankundram, Periyar, and Anuppanadi fire stations dispatched to the scene by the Fire and Rescue Services Department. Officials suspect that the intense summer heat may have fueled the fire, although they have not discounted the possibility of human activity causing the blaze.

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