Governor R N Ravi Declares Vaikasi Anusham as Thiruvalluvar Day, Emphasizes Thirukkural’s Importance

Governor R N Ravi of Chennai declared Vaikasi Anusham as the true Thiruvalluvar Day during the Thiruvalluvar Thirunaal event at Bharatiar Mandapam at Raj Bhavan, highlighting its importance in the Tamil calendar and stressing Thirukkural’s significance as a Dharmasastra. He also shared his personal connection with Thirukkural, dating back to his school days, and launched an e-flipbook titled “Thiruvalluvar – Patron Saint of Tamil Nadu” authored by DK Hari and DK Hema Hari. The event was attended by notable figures including Justice of Madras High Court GR Swaminathan, Swami Mahendra of Adhi Sankarar Thirumadam, Thiruvalluvar Thirunaal Kazhagam president Thiyagarajan, Central Institute of Classical Tamil Director R Chandrasekaran, and Governor’s secretary Kirlosh Kumar.

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