TNCC President Condemns BJP and Modi for Denigrating Mahatma Gandhi

Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president K Selvaperunthagai criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP for denigrating Mahatma Gandhi, citing Modi’s recent remark on Gandhi’s biopic as evidence of animosity. Selvaperunthagai condemned the BJP’s unveiling of a portrait of Savarkar, considered an accused in Gandhi’s assassination, next to Gandhi in Parliament. He emphasized that the people of India would not forgive the BJP and Modi for belittling the Mahatma, predicting electoral consequences in the parliamentary polls. Selvaperunthagai accused Modi of fostering hatred and neglecting action during the Gujarat riots, as well as for fielding Pragya Thakur, accused in the Malegaon blast case, as a candidate in Bhopal in 2019.

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