Teen Injured in Bike Accident with Stray Cattle Amid Intensified GCC Cattle Control Measures

A 17-year-old boy was slightly injured after hitting a stray cattle with his bike in Triplicane while talking on the phone. Dr. J Kamal Hussain from the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) said the boy was treated and discharged from the hospital. Authorities are searching for the cattle, which will be taken to a GCC shelter, and a ₹5,000 fine will be imposed on its owner. Due to rising cattle incidents, the GCC has caught over 1,300 cattle since January 1st. Owners face fines of ₹5,000 for the first offense and ₹10,000 for the second. Repeat offenders will have their cattle impounded. Owners must provide 36 square feet of space with a compound wall for their cattle, or the animals will be impounded. The GCC will issue licenses to cattle owners once a new shelter is found.

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